An odd anniversary


A year ago today I went to St Michael's Hospital for a routine mammogram. As the last post here says, I was embarking on a new phase of my life and I wanted to make sure that everything was good to go from a health perspective. I'd already done many tests and figured this would be another thing ticked off.

I was so wrong.

Three days ago I had my final radiation treatment. This picture is me ringing the gong Princess Margaret Hospital has to signify the occasion. I had a few dear friends who had been supporting me throughout this cancer journey that I wanted to celebrate. Many more people, family and friends alike, played a part in getting me here.

I made a decision early on that I didn't want to blog my treatment. I did provide updates for my donors at the GoFundMe I set up and was amazed at how many donations I received and how much money it raised so it felt right to share my journey with them. But even then, it was snapshots. I knew as soon as I was told that something irregular showed up in my mammogram that this wasn't here to kill me, but to act as a reset button on my life. It afforded me a chance to take a break from making a living and to really go within, see what needed to be healed, and just rest.

Now the break is over. I need to restart my business and start looking for a place to live as I have to leave my current haven around the end of June. The biggest thing I learned through my cancer journey was to stop pushing and trust what I need will come to me. I feel that way about work and a new place to live. And it feels right to be moving. Where I am now sheltered me after we sold the family home because my mom was moved to long term care. It was here while I looked for work after having been out of the workforce for so long. It supported me during Covid, working crazy hours as a remote agent trainer. It was a place to retreat after my father's death. Having a roommate was great for a lot of it but now I really want my own space where I don't need to work around someone else's schedule, a retreat for just me. Trusting I will find that, as well as the work to financially support that dream.

Business wise, I've already seen a couple of good opportunities and I have training products to sell once I feel up to it. I'm excited to see what my new life has in store for me.