Umbrella Talk with playwright Rebecca Fisseha

Welcome to this week's Umbrella Talk with playwright Rebecca Fisseha. Rebecca chats with us here just before her play Wise.Woman opens on Saturday, February 20th at the Theatre Centre in Toronto.

A little more on Rebecca Fisseha

Rebecca Fisseha trained in creative ensemble performance at York University and honed her writing skills as a member of b current’s rAiz’n the sun training ensemble. Her works February, The Exhibition of Love, Leaving Home, The Product and Daughter’s Last Supper have all received workshop productions with b current, Obsidian and the SummerWorks and Crosscurrents festivals. Wise.Woman marks her first full-length play and main stage production. It is inspired by the popular King Solomon and Queen of Sheba legend of her native Ethiopia.

Umbrella Talk with Rebecca Fisseha

What do you drink on opening night?

Who would direct the coolest production of one of your plays?
One who gets it.

What scares you? What can't you write about?
Dirty laundry.

What do you want to write about that you haven't yet?

If someone was to write a play about your life, what genre would it be?
(eg. comedy, tragedy, melodrama, horror)
Silent foreign film.

How do you deal with praise? With criticism?
Smile and nod.

Where would you like your work to be produced?

Where do you write? Pen or keyboard?
Bed/Sofa/Desk/Tub/Floor. Both.

What would you like academics to write about your work in 50 years?
Fifty years??!!

What inspires you? Envy.

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