Ottawa Fringe 2017

Yesterday being #WorldFringeDay reminds me that I still have an outstanding review to write.

I went to the Ottawa Fringe last month to see Keith Brown's new show, which didn't get into Toronto. After I saw it, I promised to write up a review but things got crazy and I didn't get around to it. With the show now heading to Winnipeg and Edmonton, it's a good time to keep that promise. I'll even throw in the other show I saw there, which I really liked.

Hotter than Potter

(Winnipeg link Edmonton link)
I can't even pretend to be objective with this review as I worked with Keith on his last show and was a sounding board for this one. So I will tell you about the show through the eyes of my cousin and her daughter, who came with me.

My cousin was very concern about the age appropriateness of the show, since her daughter is 12. Never fear! Keith is all-ages friendly. He discovered magic as a boy and loves to share that wonder with children of all ages.

And wonder is the theme of this show. I know some people were disappointed because there wasn't more Harry Potter references, not knowing that the title of the show came from a preview piece the CBC did for his last show, Absolute Magic (the one I worked on). He liked it so much he was running off buttons at the end of our Toronto run and decided to use it for his show title this year. But why do people love the Harry Potter books so much? I'd suggest it's the idea of magic existing in the everyday mixed with a dash of adventure. And that's what you get with this show.

Halfway through the show, my cousin and her daughter were leaning forward in their chairs, hanging on every word and action. They were mystified by the magic and charmed by the man. Which is the quintessential Keith Brown experience.

So if you want a break from the everyday, a dash of wonder and charm in your life, you owe it to yourself to see Hotter Than Potter. You'll be glad you did.

AL Connors: DJ Detective

This was the local show I wanted to see and thanks to my plans falling through I was able to hightail it over and see it. I wanted insight into how a DJ works. I certainly got that. What surprised me was how polished the show was. His tales were engaging, he used the stage well, he led us through a journey which culminated in letting us experience what he does. I got to laugh, I got to dance, maybe I even cried a little. It was everything I had hoped for as a fringe experience..Glad I got stood up!