Social Media Burnout

I am taking a week's retreat from Facebook and Twitter.

Lately, I've been finding it harder and harder to get motivated to do things that are priorities to me. I spend hours reading tweets and the linking articles, a lot of which have to do with social media. I'm also feeling less connection with working on Facebook. I'm finding that I don't have much to say. Combine this with a week where it's been extremely difficult to connect to Twitter (Rogers, I'm blaming you), I've decided that it would be best for me to take a break. I plan to refocus and get moving on these things that are important to me. My life is undergoing a big shift and this seems a good time to recalibrate. I hope I'll come back refreshed and ready to engage again.

Any messages sent me by DM on Twitter or by mail on Facebook end up in my inbox, so I can still be reached if you need me. Part of the plan is to devote more time to blogging so I'm hoping I'll have a couple of posts for you this week. This is the only time I'll break the fast, to let you know it's here.

And now, to keep a promise. This Friday and Saturday, the incomparable Sharron Matthews is doing a fundraiser for her World Domination Tour at Buddies. Details are here. Sharron's a fantastic cabaret performer and full marks for her for taking the risk internationally. Because of what she does she couldn't get funding so this is all on her dime. I know how hard that is. If you're not in Toronto you can still help, whether its throwing some money her way or having ways to help her out in NY and Edinburgh. Please help her out any way you can, for she is a wonderful soul who deserves her shot.