Meet The Fierce

Last week, conversation happened on Twitter around the recent Theatre on the Net panel hosted by Canadian Theatre Critics Association (CTCA) and Tarragon Theatre after Amanda Campbell blogged about it. Essentially, there were people on the panel who were dismissive of social media and a sense that internet reviewers were not legitimate critics because they weren't going through an editing process.

It started out as an idea for prominent Toronto theatre writers on Twitter to have their own panel, which quickly turned into a lighthearted plan to form an alternative to the CTCA. The first meeting promises "Hostility! Wine! Theatre!" I, wanting to hang with the cool kids, asked if I could tag along and was brought into the group.

So here are The Fierce (according to their Twitter bios):

Catherine Kustanczy @catekustanczy: Journalist, Producer, Interviewer, Broadcaster, Foodie, Artist, Painter, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen(sometimes).

Amanda Campbell @mt_champion: I review theatre in Toronto and I love it.

Kelly Cameron @broadwaybabyto: Broadway nut, film geek, writer and reader - self described nerd, passionate about promoting the arts through social media. And I dabble in finance.

Megan Mooney @mooneyontheatre: I'm a Toronto theatre writer who spends a ridiculous amount of time at Jet Fuel.

Glenn Sumi @glennsumi: NOW Magazine editor/writer covering theatre, movies, comedy, dance, books, whatev.. CTV News Channel entertainment blabber

ETA: I've been asked to mention that this is all in good fun. The Fierce is really about the cutting edge of internet critical engagement. I'm excited to see where this is headed.


Catherine said…
Pizza. Wine. Ferocity. Soon.
Netpi said…
Perhaps it is the dismissive folks on the panel that need to be dismissed!