Hitting the Button

Yes, it's a curling term. I've been spending a scary amount of time watching men's curling at the Olympics. Never underestimate the power of a successful, attractive man. I'm also a huge fan of men's figure skating and ice dance, so a lot of my life is revolving around the Olympics these days.

It's also put me in mind of the last Olympics, when funding for international arts export was cut and we were galvanized to plead the cause of funding for the arts. Sadly, nothing has changed. In the case of BC, it's gotten worse. We never did get the chance to use the Olympics as a jump-off point for the arts - the Cultural Olympiad is happening but you wouldn't know it from CTV's coverage.

I still believe in the necessity of partnering with amateur athletes to make the case for funding what we do. In the wake of disappointing finishes off the medal podium, they are going to hear the same call for cuts as we did. This is a golden opportunity if we can leverage it. The question is, how? I'm open to suggestions.