Long time no blog

Hey everyone, sorry to have been away so long. Sondheim in September surprisingly took a lot out of me physically. (It was a great success and a totally amazing thing to have been a part of.) My bed and I have spent a lot of time together since it's been done and I'm still have some problems with blurry vision and the occasional knee twinges. I'm thinking the vision might have something to do with all the time I spend staring at a computer so I'm trying to cut back a bit. I also haven't had any Umbrella Talk interviews coming my way either so playwrights, talk to me!

These are exciting days at obu. We've been adding to our team. Walter Young of The Buzz Events has come on board as our Special Events Director and he's busily putting together a fundraiser for us to happen at the end of November. We'll be letting you know details soon and we hope you can join us. Jack Grinhaus of Bound to Create Theatre will be running the Elsewhere festival. It will be in the Tarragon Studio on February 13 & 14th, so make sure to block off your calendars now.

What this will allow me to do is to devote more of my time to our online presence and international networking to help obu to continue to move forward. We're starting to make an impact. The day after we published her Umbrella Talk, Rosemary Rowe got a call from the Shaw Festival. This is so thrilling for me because this was our hope for UT - that it would generate interest in the playwrights and hopefully lead to their work being produced. I hope I'll have many, many more of those types of stories going forward.

I'm also hoping to continue to pursue outside projects, like following my performance bug. This week I went to the Rock of Ages audition. I figured since I've been singing that music for over 20 years I might as well try it. It was scary in a good way and I enjoyed pushing myself. It was great to sing music that I love and just let go, no holding back. Lesson for life, really. It confirmed for me that I want to do more singing so I'll see where it takes me.

So hopefully I can have more time to get back to this blog. There's a lot of interesting things going on to talk about.