So what the heck's been going on, anyway?

Good question. I have been really quiet the last few weeks. Initially it was fringe madness. I ended up making 4 performances of Harper Girl and 16 other shows - all this while working my paying gig. BTW, Harper Girl opens this week in Calgary so if you're in town, be sure to catch it!

Then I had to recover from going on 4 hours of sleep for 10 days. But now I'm starting to get rolling again. I had sent out a bunch of Umbrella Talk requests right after the PGC but I hadn't heard back from anyone. I just found out they were being marked spam. Since they were sent from the company address, that's making me a little concerned. I've re-sent them and hopefully there'll be some fresh new UT in the near future.

I'm currently working on grant applications for the Elsewhere festival. Despite how we described it on the website (we're working on updating it), it's now a reading festival to introduce Australian and New Zealand writers. We finally have a launch date - mark February 13-14 in your calendars! You'll be hearing a lot more about it as we get closer to the time.

I'm also working on a charity event called Sondheim in September. I'm going to be blogging about it on the event's website so I encourage you to check it out. Great singers, great music, great team...I'm very excited.

I'm also moving into a new room, which means getting rid of old stuff and creating a space that I want. I haven't had that in a very long time and I can't wait until everything is done.

So I've been a little busy. I also didn't make it to LaMaMa - hopefully next year. But exciting changes are happening, things are moving forward, and that's a very good thing.