Da Fringe! Da Fringe!

Hello my lovelies!

Yes, Miss Ruby Jones has rubbed off on me. Tonight we open Harper Girl Does Canada in Toronto. London gave us a chance to work out the kinks and tonight marks me being officially through with the show. It's a nice feeling walking around knowing that my job is done, knowing that the show is where it should be, and feeling confident that the audience will love it. You can see reviews from London here.

London is a great fringe. With the smaller size, it was possible to get to know everyone involved, greatly assisted by the Callithump (parade) the opening night. The nightly late-night show, The NO Show, was fantastic and reminded me of the glory days of the Rumoli Bros (who are doing a one-night only tomorrow night at the Tranzac). Everyone was really friendly and helpful, and it was nice to be part of the touring posse.

Now I'm on home base, hoping to extend the hospitality to my touring brethren. Toronto is a tough fringe on touring folks because we have so much going on locally. Two performers I spent a lot of time with in London are here and I hope that they find audiences. So if you can check out Wanderlust and Weaverville Waltz, I'd really appreciate it.

And if you're going to the Hamilton fringe, you have check out Nick Wallace. His show is amazing and I hope he makes it to Toronto at some point.

Happy fringing Toronto people!