PGC, part 1

So I'm writing this sitting at the blogtender's bar. I'm in Vancouver attending the PGC conference and one of the highlights has been finally meeting Simon. He's as interesting in person as his writing and he's been instrumental in making sure I've had a good time here.

This is just a short post since I leave for the airport in less than an hour. I'll talk more about the conference in the next couple of days and a lot of the guild members will be showing up on Umbrella Talk in the next little while. And in the morning (Toronto time since I'm taking the red-eye back) I'll be seeing my favourite piece of public art, commercial division.

As Media in Canada describes it:
Mississauga, Ont.-based Samsung Electronics Canada has erected a 50-foot-tall sculpture by renowned artist Jan Lorenc outside of Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

Shaped like a large palm clutching an over-sized Samsung phone, the well-travelled work of art - which first appeared at Paris' Charles De Gaulle International Airport in 2002 - has since been placed in London and Dubai.

The statue plays on Samsung's global "World in Your Hand" campaign by Seoul-based agency Cheil Worldwide, and is meant to symbolize bringing people together through communication.

The gargantuan piece, which is visible to drivers on the busy 427 highway, will remain perched at Toronto's airport for the next five years. Samsung worked with Clear Channel Outdoor to secure the space.

I've passed by it many times travelling home late at night and think it's one of the best pieces of advertising I've ever seen. And today, it will tell me that I'm home. Sad to leave Simon though. We have to do this in-person thing more often.