Needing help

I've been planning for a while to attend the LaMaMa International Symposium for Directors. However, I haven't gotten enough money together for my deposit. Can anyone give me guidance as to what actions I can take to have the money I need before May 15th?


Aaron said…
I don't know of any granting agency that provides this kind of emergency funding. Or retroactive funding either...

Credit card? LOC?

I don't usually advise going into debt to finance your practice, but if this is something you really want, you may have to bite the bullet, and then see if you can make up the money some other way. (Fundraiser?)

Travel grants for professional artists can help. Usually need six weeks to process... so doesn't really help with your immediate problem.

You can write off the cost of the deposit on you taxes next year.

Sorry... I'm not much help.