An amazing story

Sorry everyone, there's no Umbrella Talk this week. Between home renos, rehearsals, theatre performances and income generation, I've had no time to track interviews down. So if you want to be interviewed, contact me! Two plays professionally produced (not workshops or school situations) is the only requirement.

In the meantime, I want to pass along this great post about Roy Halladay. I haven't talked much about him recently but besides being the ace of the staff for the Toronto Blue Jays, he's a personal hero of mine I've written about before. This story talks about what he went through to reinvent himself after hitting rock bottom. It's incredibly inspiring and makes me admire him even more.


Callum said…
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Callum said…
Thanks for the link, MK. When I remarked that I was surprised he was too nice, it is in regards to his demeanor on the field - not off it. He is the most focused and intense individual I have ever seen and is ruthless in his attack on hitters.

I read your link on meeting Halladay and loved this line:

"I asked him to sign a baseball, along with one word that summed up success for him. He wrote dedication. That's something I'm going to have staring at me every morning to remind me what I need to do."

What a great moment.
MK Piatkowski said…
Callum, it was a great moment. That whole afternoon was something special. I got there early and was talking to the proprietor of the store and he told me that when they were discussing the signing, Roy didn't care about the price - his agent negotiated that. All Roy wanted to talk about was the partnering the store was doing with his charity.

That photo? He took his time talking to everyone in line and told people if they wanted pictures to wait until the end. When it came to me, I told him he had to sit down so that we'd fit in the same frame. He took my directing in stride.

The ball is sitting on my dresser in a clear case so I can see it when I wake in the morning. When I re-arrange my room I'm adding the picture taken of him the first day of spring training that appeared on the front page of the Star, the one where he's all smiles. Any picture of Roy smiling makes me smile too. I like the juxtaposition - the dedication to success and the joy of doing what you love.