Our slogan and tagline: You're here, now.

Several years ago we decided to come up with a slogan or a tagline that would capture our company's mandate. So MK and I did some creative brainstorming and came up with a few lines that would incorporate the idea of our theatre company bringing plays to audiences both here in Canada and elsewhere. So the tagline had to imply that our company is omnipresent. I can't remember exactly what the runner-up choices were, but most of them were similar to the same one word tagline used by a famous local tv station (those of us in Toronto would know that station is "everywhere"now in Canada and maybe other cities in the world). We also wanted the tagline to be inclusive of everyone in our community---be it playwrights, other theatre artists and audiences. So after tossing around a few murky taglines I came up with "You're here, now." This choice seemed to sum up exactly what our company wanted to communicate to others in three simple words. It tells people that no matter where you are---here in Canada or elsewhere---that each time you step into a theatre, you are experiencing something uniquely personal and that each moment in that play is a moment that you create on your own.