Umbrella Spoke...What do you drink on opening night?

It's a festive time right now, so in the spirit of holiday cheer, we'd like to recap what 17 playwrights said on Umbrella Talk when asked "What do you drink on opening night?"

"It depends on the bar of the particular theatre. Ideally - a vodka and tonic about half an hour before the curtain goes up, and then a glass of wine at interval and several after the show. Noel Coward liked 72 dry martinis but I haven't reached that stage - yet." Justin Fleming

"My addiction is Coca Cola. The real thing... and when it's time for an opening I'm not goin' near none of that Coke Zero, Diet Coke stuff." Mark Leiren-Young

"Double rum and coke. And I have about five. After that, I'm good." Andrew Moodie

"Water only, and maybe a glass of wine once it's all done. I'm a cheap drunk." Nicolas Billon

"Champagne. Is that a trick question?" Marcia Johnson

"Usually jamiesons whiskey (after the complimentary red wine runs out)." Robert Chafe

"Before or after the play?
Then anything with alcohol." Jon Lachlan Stewart

"Champagne, if someone will buy it for me." David Copelin

"Pre show it's usually water. I'm usually a little beside myself for anything else. Then intermission i'm usually onto the alcohol after the nerves have settled down." Ben Noble

"A) I resent the insinuation that all writers drink excessively on opening night.
B) Absinthe & Red Bull " Brendan Gall

"Water to ease my dry mouth. After the show I drink ginger ale or or something to make it look like I'm drinking vodka and seven. I can't imagine getting smashed on opening night." Stephen Massicotte

"Water. Lots of it. Critics dehydrate me." Daniel MacIvor

"Sleeman's beer. And if Sleeman's not around, anybody else's beer." Norm Foster

"Scotch before and red wine during - to cope with lobby-shyness more than show-nerves." Janet Munsil

"Tea with caffeine. Unfortunately or fortunately, I am a teetotaler, but I can usually find something or someone to get me high." Linda Griffiths

"I don't really drink, so nothing really. I can't drink water, or I will have to pee every ten seconds. I can't drink coffee or I will spazz out. Some gum?" Marjorie Chan

"Usually I drink anything and anyone under the table....closing nights are usually better for me...Long Island Iced Teas have got me into a lot of trouble!" Alex Dallas

"I usually hide behind a bottle of Stella." Mark Brownell

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