Linky Tuesday

Catherine at Play Anon passed along this link about changes in collaboration. I'm especially taken with the open space technology and I'm thinking about how to apply it.

And over at Theatre is Territory, there's a lively discussion about the types of content that is appearing on theatre blogs and how very little of it is directly addressing what is on stage. Personally, when I was writing about shows I've seen, there didn't seem to be any interest in my thoughts on the matter. I'm wondering if there's in fact any interest in this kind of discussion. Please let me know.

ETA: Aaron at Tracking Righteousness passed along this great link: Twelve tips for aspiring playwrights.


Carol said…
I enjoy reading about your thoughts on the shows you've seen. It's interesting to get to 'see' them from the perspective of someone involved with the theatre, plus as a regular audience member since I don't get to see nearly as much theatre as I'd like to. Not seeing the productions myself means my opinions would have no firm basis, so there usually isn't a good reason for me to respond. Besides, I'd ruin my reputation as a natural lurker online and in real life if I made regular comments!
Aaron said…
Hey MK
Thanks for linking to my blog.
FYI: I thought you'd be interested in this Ballet BC lays of entire company
J. Kelly said…
I think there's a culture of not talking about content in theatre that's a bit unfortunate... It's a rare review of mine on the Globe's site that gets any comments at all.

You, on the other hand, are very good about jumping into the comments on my blog and I thank you for that...