The future of funding: part one

I've just finished watching the Bravo town hall and the second time around was very useful. There are a few clips available to watch but I can't express enough my frustration that one of them is an actor pontificating (yes, I'm getting tired of film actors being used to speak for the entire industry) yet we don't get James Bradshaw's beautiful and comprehensive breakdown on what the real issues and concerns are around the nature of funding and the need to risk, or Sara Diamond's & Wendy Crewson's impassioned argument about artists & creativity being needed in the new economy to keep us competitive. Oh, and Russell Smith's clip doesn't even seem to be working, which is a shame because he also made some amazing points. There's also a comment section that doesn't seem to want to work right now, but hopefully people can get a chance to comment.

I realize more clearly now than I did at the time that Jeff Melanson was approaching the issue as I am. He talked about the need to have the larger public conversation. To that end, I've been participating in a discussion on a conservative blog, The Great Pumpkin, to look at ways to support the industry while still addressing concerns around accountability and alternative funding. Please feel free to enter this conversation.

I honestly believe the cure to the PR problem is to start by respectfully engaging opposing viewpoints. In that way, we can be heard, and challenged, and we can start tearing down the walls. We're communicators - I know we're up for that.


Catherine said…

Thank you so, so much for taking the time to explain, argue, connect, and reach out. It's more important than ever that the arts community comes together, not under the umbrella of "us against them" partisan politicking, but with the intention to create a stronger voice expressing the fundamental importance of culture and the number of ways it contributes to Canadian life.

Good on you for engaging with Conservative bloggers, too; that's vital to fostering understandings and respect.

Again, mille grazie.
Keep up the great work.