This was going to be the Black Watch post but I watched Roy Halladay take a line drive off the side of his face tonight and now I can think of nothing else.

They say he just has a bruise on the right temple and that he should make his next start, but one of my other favourite players, Aaron Hill, took an elbow to his head in a collision a month ago and they still don't know when he'll be back.

I should be comforted by the fact that he walked off the field on his own (almost disdaining the trainer walking beside him), there was no blood, and if anyone can will themselves well it's Roy Halladay. But I want him to get his World Series ring, his no-hitter, his ticket to the Baseball Hall of Fame so badly. Will he still be the same after this? Or did I just watch his career end?

When did I come to care so much about what happens to this man? And why?

Anyway, the Black Watch post is coming, I promise. It's playing at the Barbican in London at the moment so if you know anyone there, please tell them they owe it to themselves to see it.

ETA: They did an X-Ray and didn't find anything, which makes me feel a little better. They say he's day-to-day but should make his next start.

All of which brings to mind these words from Queen's theme for Flash Gordon:

Just a man
With a man's courage
Nothing but just one man
But he can never fail
No one but the pure at heart can find the holy grail.

That's what it is about Roy Halladay. He's my hero. And it's hard when you're reminded that they too are frail.