Performing men I admire

Want to give a shout out to Charles Ross, who spent the weekend selling out (hopefully) The Metro, a 5,000 seat venue (at least during concerts, not sure what it holds with actual seats) in Sydney. It was considered hitting the big time when The Whitlams first played there and I'm tickled pink to think that he's playing the same venue that Tim Freedman frequents. They're both so fabulous and so important to me that I have this secret wish that they met up and got to know each other. Makes me wish I was back in Sydney.

I went to the baseball game today, enticed by the combination of a bobblehead giveaway of my second-favourite player, Aaron Hill, and a pitching performance by Roy Halladay. Was mesmerized watching him, even 10 rows from the top of the stadium. Still trying to figure out what entices me about him. Maybe it's the same thing that draws me to Tim Freedman, that charisma of being totally in their element doing their thing. And doing it extremely well, with style and grace - although I'm sure both would laugh at their performances being described as "graceful".

I guess charisma is contagious, since one of my favourite pictures of myself ever is this one, taken when I met him last fall. He's 6'6", so I made him sit down for this photo. Otherwise, I doubt we would have fit in the same frame. Isn't that smile absolutely wonderful?