A land Down Under

I'm currently messaging a friend in Wellington, NZ. It made me realize just how long it has been since I've been back Down Under and how long it probably will be before I return. I really want to keep connections with Australia and New Zealand but it's hard trying to keep track of everything going on.

One story I have been able to keep track of is the changing of the guard at the Black Swan Theatre in Perth. Kate Cherry has recently become the new artistic director and is looking to move the theatre back to its cutting-edge roots. (There a nice recent article about her here.) It's an interesting time in Western Australian theatre as the resident company in nearby Freemantle, Deckchair Theatre, also takes on new artistic leadership with Chris Bendall taking the reins. One of my favourite Australian playwrights, Reg Cribb, is also based there and his star is on the rise across the country. Perth has become flush with cash as prices for commodities continue to rise. It's definitely a place to watch.