Jazzed by the possibilities

Today I attended the TAPA Trade Forum. A year ago, in a session on using social media given by Sean Howard, I was encouraged to start this blog as a way to open a dialogue with our audience. Some of the things talked about in today's session gave me ideas about what direction this blog, our website, and even the company might take. What I've come up with has got me really excited. Need to bounce them off Kent but hopefully he'll like them and I'll be able to roll things out in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

On another note, it's with mixed feelings that I found out that Sean Mee (who I can't find an online bio for) is stepping down as artistic director of La Boite Theatre in Brisbane. I've had the pleasure of meeting with him on both of my last trips to Australia and I'm incredibly grateful for his time and insight. I'm happy that he's moving on to different challenges. I'm incredibly impressed with his insight that it's time for the next generation to head up La Boite. But I'm sad that the next time I return I won't be able to look forward to another chat with him. He has always impressed me with his commitment towards Brisbane theatre and the community at large. I only wish the absolute best for him. He deserves it.

And my love of watching Roy Halladay pitch continues. I keep thinking what it is about him and my current theory is focused passion. All professional athletes are competitors (or they wouldn't make it to that level) but there is something extraordinary in his intensity that I can't quite nail down. A true artist indeed.