I missed something big!

Just flipping through the last few entries and realized that I never blogged about Twelve Angry Men. This post by one of the cast members reminded me just how fantastic that show really was. The pacing was perfect - Scott Ellis does a fantastic job. I never tired of watching the show because each character is so fully drawn that there was always something new to discover.

The design was impeccable, all the elements creating a mood that re-enforced the action without ever drawing attention to itself. The set designer even included a mouse-trap that can only be seen by the actors, a touch of realism that I didn't find overdone. (Which is usually my problem with the American tendency to create hyper-realistic sets on stage.)

And the cast and crew were so lovely and open with us, even giving us a tour of the set. It was a joy to work that show. Can't wait for it to come back in June.

And just on an observational note, it's pretty funny how many time Sweeney Todd has followed The Drowsy Chaperone in the same venue, or vice versa. Wondering who is stalking whom.