Catch all

Even though the article has been out for a little bit, there's some discussion brewing in the Toronto theatre blogisphere about a malaise that is being felt around recent work. Kelly's posted about it here, and he's linked to Alison Broverman's initial post about the article. Which led me to Praxis' post about it here. It's great that this discussion is happening. For me the biggest question comes back to the balance between creating entertainment and art. Entertainment gets larger audiences, but art is why we commit to this difficult path in the first place. Which should be the priority?

Been working Nicholas Nickelby, which is a very long show and doesn't leave much time to blog. Since I am, for all intents and purposes, unemployed after it closes I've been taking a lot of extra shifts and trying to squeeze in theatre when I can. I got to catch Democracy (which I loved) and part of Rhubarb but sadly will be missing out on Stuff Happens, Abattoir (Jason Sherman writing for the stage again!), and Shakespeare: If Music Be... I also missed out on Waiting for Godot (which is a play I hate but would have seen because of Soheil Parsa), all of Free Fall and Cooped at World Stage. It's incredibly frustrating.

To end on a happier note, here's something I've been wanting to happen for years: Jeffrey Buttle's gold medal skate.

The man is a true artist and I can't wait to see where he goes from here.