More on Julius Caesar

I wrote some notes on the way home yet they didn't make it here. Since I've just run across them, I'd thought I'd include them.

One of the things I though was really well done was the relationship between Brutus and Cassius. In other productions I've seen, I've never felt that Cassius sees Brutus as anything more as a means to an end, which makes the camp scene deeply problematic. But here from the get go, I was able to see Cassius' underlying respect and could easily believe that as things turn against them he'd forge a deeper bond. His grief over Portia's death felt genuine.

I also fully felt Brutus' tragedy, especially when his strategies prove not as sound as he believed them to be. The strongest point was his oration to the crowd. For once I believed why he'd be considered crucial to the success of Caesar's elimination.


Roger Green said…
I'll have to ask my wife about the particulars, but she took some of her HS students to see an hour-long version of this production of Julius Caesar:
It was a 10 a.m. show. She enjoyed it, and she thinks most of her ESL students did as well.