Drawer Boy

Was at the opening night of the Drawer Boy a week ago and I'm happy to say that the play is just as strong as when it was first written. Unlike too many other Canadian plays, the Drawer Boy has been produced many times all over the world. This production has cast the two older roles a decade younger and I felt it worked. We lost a bit of the passing of time but gained a little more dynamicism.

This is the beginning of Theatre Passe Muraille's 40th anniversary season. TPM is just getting out of a very bad financial shadow and I'm hoping this show does extremely well to get it back on its feet.

In other news, I've developed a fascination with David Tennant and I'm dying to see him on stage. He's doing Hamlet and Love's Labours Lost at the RSC next year and I'm going to see it. I'm brooking no argument.