I only saw 20 minutes of this new touring production tonight and it was enough to tell me just how sad this production is. I saw Macavity and Mistoffelees and they felt very small, slow and weak. The choreography that should make Mistoffelees explode was nowhere to be found. The sultry feel of Macavity, ditto.

It made me long for the 1989 Canadian production, which I thought was at the Elgin but in fact (once I dug up my old programs) played Massey Hall. Just the list of people involved in that show is impressive - some of which were people I had seen a few years earlier gracing the stages at Canada's Wonderland, some at the beginning of amazing careers. Names that bring back memories: David Rogers, Gerald Michael McIsaac, Timothy French, Jay Turvey, Timothy J. Alex, Scott Bolton, Karen Egan, Adam Fleck, Martin Murphy, Gino Berti, Mira Caldare, Frances Chiappetta, Hallam Banfield, Lorena Mackenzie, Kiri-Lyn Muir, Blaine Parker and David W. Thompson as the Musical Director.

After tonight, I really wish there was a way to relive that production. Is it the mists of time that make that show seem so much larger in my mind?