Now what?

I've been trying to think of an interesting topic for days but have come up with a big blank. So instead I'm going to link to a few art blogs I find interesting.

The first is for actor Allison Mack, known for her work on Smallville. Her blog is honest and thought-provoking, something I've tried to strive for here. She takes a quote and then posts her thoughts on it, showing more introspection than most actors would. A lot of the comments are quite thoughtful as well.

The Wrecking Ball is a Toronto-based collection of theatre artists who believe there needs to be more political discourse in theatre. They post anything that is political-theatre related.

Darren O'Donnell has had many different blogs ruminating on theatre as it relates to community. I will admit that most of the time Darren's thoughts are way too dense for me, but I applaud his commitment to exploring the questions.

Along those lines, although it's a discussion board and not a blog, is Not Quite, A Think Tank hosted by Small Wooden Shoe. Again I find myself getting lost but am glad I can wade into the deep end on occasion.

Feel free to post other links in the comments.