The Interview

This morning I was reminded of a story I read in a Harvey Mackay book - I don't remember which one. A head of a division that just had a disastrous product launch gets called into the office of his CEO. Expecting to be fired, to his surprise he gets handed another product to roll out. He asks why after all that happened he's being entrusted with this. The CEO replied, "We just spent millions on your education. I can't wait to see what you're going to do next."

Good lesson to keep in mind. I have learned an awful lot doing this show. The education continued today when I arrived at early to find that the guest before me did not show. They offered to put me on early but I turned it down knowing that people were going to tune in at 1:30. As it turned out, the previous guest got an extra half-hour and I ran out of time before getting a chance to talk about the company and about my experience blogging. Lesson? Don't turn down an opportunity.

The interview is being rebroadcast this evening at 11:30pm and we'll have a copy of it available on the website soon. I had a great time doing it and they've told me to come back to them the next time there is a project going on.

Tonight I have to do some adjustments to the timings of the slides. I then plan on curling up with a good book and just let the world while itself away for a while.