The End

It was raining as I headed out to the theatre. I thought, "as if we aren't having enough problems getting an audience." And of course it had stopped by the time the show was over, which helped having people hanging around waiting for us during the strike.

So the show is now closed. I'm so glad that we rented the set pieces from Tarragon. It made load out so much easier. I get to run around tomorrow returning the projector, screen and prop gun that we rented and then all is done.

Today's show was great. I'm sure it helped that some of my closest friends were in the audience and liked it. They can't believe it got reviewed the way it did. My parents also came and they were still speaking to me, so that's something too. Keira, the artistic producer of Summerworks, also saw it and congratulated me on it. So I'm feeling better about it and I welcome celebrating at the closing party.