The difference a day makes

Friday's show was off. I was watching it like I was watching a runaway freight train going off the rails and there wasn't a damn thing I can do about it. If this had been the show that had been reviewed, I would have agreed with the assessment.about its pacing. They were rushing. I barely heard any of the pauses in the script and those I did hear were way too short. There wasn't space to breathe and it seemed to all operate at the same level. Sometimes they weren't listening to each other and were jumping on each other's lines

Turns out the cast knew it was off too. We were all kind of bummed about it. The people who saw the show didn't notice anything was off, but we sure did.

Then to compound things, I went and saw Jasmine Saturday afternoon before our show. How I felt watching it was exactly why I hadn't wanted to see anything all week. It flowed and it looked visually beautiful. I really made a mistake in not getting a set designer on the show, because I looked at it and that was what I wanted Kingship to be. It was very depressing. Luckily, I knew some of the people involved in the show and talking to them afterward, I couldn't help but feel good about what they achieved. I'm not begrudging anyone their success. I just wanted to be among them.

Saturday's show, on the other hand, was exactly what I wanted to see. This was the one that got taped and I'm glad. The pacing was where it should be and they had pitched it a little lower, which gave it more shading and made it easier for the audience to listen. I was extremely happy with the show.

Sadly, it was also the smallest house we've had. Everyone else's houses are growing and ours aren't, which I think we can trace back to the review and to the word of mouth among my colleagues. I'm discovering there are two responses to the show. One group just adores it and wants to talk about the ideas it brings up. The other really don't like the script and as a result hated the show.

A lot of my colleagues are in the latter camp. Thankfully, not all, but I do wonder what the fallout is going to be on my career because of this. Will people just dismiss me as someone with no talent? Will people stop being supportive? How much harder is it going to be to get future projects up? I'd like to think that there'd be nothing but positive impact from this, but right now it's so hard to tell.

One more show now. I really hope we get a lot of people out for this one because Kent is in danger of losing money off of this show and I'd really hate for that to happen. I also want the actors to see some money, although that's a real long-shot at this point. It would be great to have a miracle, though.