Aussies in Cyberspace

Read this article in today's Australian. It seems the Aussie theatre companies have discovered MySpace. When we got on it over a year ago, I did an extensive search for the companies I had met during APAM in 2004 and couldn't find any. Mostly we found other Toronto-based companies.

I had been getting the occasional request in the last few months from some independent Aussie companies but hadn't thought much of it. The article surprised me. I've spent some time today friending the companies I've found and subscribing to their blogs, which will help me keep in better contact with what they're doing.

The funniest thing was reading in the article about the debate to get onto Facebook. We had the same debate back in the spring and I remember my response was, "yet somewhere else I've got to spend time at?" Yet Facebook has proved to be invaluable. The event function is a godsend - we were able to invite over 1000 people to Kingship de Facto using it. The Toronto community has pretty much abandoned MySpace for it. So hate to break it to my Australian colleagues but yes, you will. And you won't regret it.