Opening Day Jitters

So we do our first read tonight. I'm madly trying to remember how it was done on Oxford - well, really trying to remember everything I learned doing the Soulpepper Directors' Lab and working with Richard Rose so I can incorporate it. I wish I had a photographic memory instead of the tiny bits and pieces in my head.

I'm also finding myself drifting off to Facebook. I did have stuff to do there but now that I've done that, I'm having to pull myself kicking and screaming to do work. I know that's my way of dealing with stress - avoidance. We all have our ways, don't we?

I'm looking forward to having the director take over. The director doesn't play well with the other aspects of my personality, which is a good and a bad thing. Heaven help someone who has a production question while I'm in rehearsal. And as for conversation, you mean something exists outside my show? But when I'm in the room, or in the theatre, and things are flowing...well, there's nothing better in the world.