Fundraiser aftermath

The fundraiser was a great success. I with there had been more people there but we still made around $900 dollars, with possibly more still to come.

For my contribution to the evening, the entertainment bill was fantastic. On the readings side, Steve Flett did an amazing job on his reading, especially considering how little time he had with the text. He told me that people were wondering when he would be doing the show. Ramona Katigbak seemed a little nervous, something I've never seen before from her, and she lost her place a couple of times but considering she had even less time than Steve did, she did really well. The Kingship cast rocked the house. People liked what they heard and we hadn't really worked that section yet.

On the music side, Jeff Burke did his usual virtuoso performance. It's amazing what he can do on solo bassoon. He told me that it was nice to play to such an attentive audience. Brock Simpson wasn't sure how prepared he was but he did a great set, playing to his strengths in musical comedy. He also ribbed Jeff, suggesting that he was whacking any bassoon rivals. Tyler Yarema was his brilliant self and he got the response I was hoping for - people wanted to see him play more and were asking about a CD. (So get on it already, Tyler!) It was great that for once I was able to have a conversation while he was doing his set. More on him in a minute.

I can't believe how many photos I had to pose for. I was just the host. It was those incredibly talented people that made the night a success.

I still can't quite believe that Tyler played my fundraiser. And even more so, persuaded others to play with him. (Thank you Mike Carson and dummer guy who's name I'm completely blanking on.) Everyone else, with the exception of the Kingship cast, were friends of mine so that fact that Tyler was there must mean that we're friends too. Which is hard in a way to wrap my mind around because I've been a Tyler fangirl for so long - I'm not ashamed to admit it. I deeply admire him and I'm so in awe of his talent and sometimes he's just so good it literally hurts to watch him do his thing. I'm always so blown away by him that just thinking that I mean enough for him to do this, to use his art to help me...well, I'm feeling quite amazed and humbled. To be his friend...I have no words. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it and I don't know why.


Anonymous said…
the drummer guy's name is Marc Pizer.
thanks for the praise (jeff)