The Crunch

We go into the space and tech on Tuesday, so now is the process of gathering all the things we will need to bring in with us. This weekend is gathering all the props, confirming the set pieces, try and find a screen for the projector and build the (most likely) powerpoint presentation that will run the images. On Monday I have to both pick up a projector and a prop gun before we start rehearsal. I just keep telling myself that we'll find everything we're looking for and it will all come together in time.

In rehearsal, our actor in crisis appears to not trust me. That person questioned my approach in rehearsal today, expressing a feeling that I was imposing things onto the text. What's really interesting about that is that's the kind of thing that drives me crazy watching other shows - the stupid director tricks that are done to say "look at me, look at how cool this idea is". I've always tried to ground everything I do in the text. What I'm trying to do with this show is riding the edge, I will firmly admit that, but the text does support it. I couldn't go through with it otherwise. I'm just trying to build three-dimensional characters so that the play isn't just talking heads but are people you find yourself engaging with.

I don't honestly know what else I can do to earn that person's trust. I understand that they are wrapped up in fear and can't see bottom. I know this is a very dense text to learn. I've been as open and understanding as I can without losing sight of my own vision, which is what got the show in the festival in the first place. I'm really at a loss for what to do. I just have to trust that it will all work out in the end and just let the current situation be ok.