Oracle Fun Party

Have you ever had an oracle reading?

Oracle cards are great tools to enhance your intuition and receive guidance. And they're just plain fun to work with!

They're different than tarot cards in that they are not tools of divination but rather a way to gain clarity about areas of your life. Even if sometimes they talk about an area you weren't even thinking about!

I offer individual readings where I start with the Sacred Traveller deck, pictured above, then pull from my collection of decks as I'm intuitively guided to give you a full picture of what is going on in your life right now. You can book a session here. I do the session over Zoom, as well as in-person session for those in Toronto.

If you're looking for something different at your next party and you live in the Toronto area, hire me to come in and read your friends. Readings can either be the point of the party (where all readings are done in a group and then discussed) or they can be an add-on that your guests can go off and do if they feel like it. It certainly will give people something to discuss and make your party memorable! Prices vary based on how many people I will be reading and how intensive you want the readings to be. Contact me at and let's discuss. 

You don't want to miss out on oracle fun! The cards always find a way to tell us the things we most need to hear.